I’m writing this post from the above the wing of a 18 seater twinprop plane, with the sun going down to my left, setting over mount ruapehu, which looks to be getting a good coating of powder for this years ski season.

Last month I decided to put my German trip on indefinite hiatus, and I’m going to be honest, it was a hard decision. But now four weeks later and I’m starting to enjoy this life. I’m living in a lovely beach house with some good guys. Travelling to Wellington city regularly to get a fix of friends, tech and cafe culture. I’ve been working with a great group of hackers based in Soho, London - apart from the early it’s an excellent way to work.

The next few months aren’t planned out, but I know I’ll be in Wellington for some of July, house-sitting my sisters lovely new house in Newtown, and I expect there’ll be a mission down to the Southern Island - assuming it’s still there after this newest round of earthquakes :(. Finally, my accountant reviewed my situation and helped me set a goal for the next two years, so maybe I’ll be about to get a piece of dirt to call my own in a year or two.

Anyway - hope everyone is healthy and happy and not persuing their dreams at the cost of their friendships.