Four weeks on from my original post, I wanted to do a follow up about the “Day of Disconnection”.

The “day of disconnect” is now one of my favourite things. I look forward to it all week. It’s the day you don’t get sucked into the computer, and you have no excuses to go outside and do all the wonderful things in the world. And when you don’t feel like going out, you are forced to go out and find something fun to do.

My first Sunday was a day of drinking, but the following Sundays have been a lot more productive. Most recently, my partner and I drove up to the east cape of New Zealand in a little convertible and walked up to the easternmost lighthouse in the world. Another Sunday was spent exercising and collecting driftwood for a big bonfire out the back of the house, and I spent another Sunday doing some vigorous gardening.

So - I recommend you try disconnected Sunday. It’s a truly wonderful thing, and makes your Monday coffee + internet fix even better.

At this rate I’m going to end up making a nicely designed site. Hah. :)