It’s monday, so I’m working on Zoomin. I spent some of the weekend trying to add ‘topic pages’ to the wiki, so that you could create a page called ‘Bohemian places in Wellington’, and then write about the bohemians of wellington, revelling in their bohemia, and have that page link to all the relevant anarchistic squats, indie cafes and alternative pubs. That work isn’t quite ready for primetime yet though, so I’m leaving it on the backburner and working on tidying up a few things.

Removed ‘add photo’ link

Add photo doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment, so I’m going to remove the ‘add photo’ link until I have time to make it work properly.

Restyle the ‘region’ pages

These are the pages like /wellington/, which show details for a region. I have made the map after the page loads, for better performance and to make it more obvious there is content further down the page. I have also removed all the ‘dots’ that showed comments on the map. They kind of the map less useful in retrospect.

Working on ‘wiki’ pages