It’s awesome having a designer sitting downstairs with us. I asked Kelly whether my blog still looked okay (since I designed it about 3 years ago). She said that I should get rid of the double lines and change the header fonts. One quick visit to google fonts later, and we’re using Open Sans for headings and all the dotted and doubled lines have been replaced with 1px solid #ccc.

That’s all for the blog post today, bit busy with mobilification of various bits of the Powershop website. But I did do some work on that webRTC social network over the weekend, it kind of came together okay. Then I didn’t get anything done on Zoomin on monday, because even though I think it’s my best bet as for building something that will actually make an impact (10,000 people visit Zoomin on a monday, I’ve got a built-in audience), I still don’t know what exactly to build to make the social aspect of ZoomIn take off again.

Any ideas for the socialisation of ZoomIn are greatly appreciated.