After a brief google, I couldn’t find any sites that do this - which I find really surprising, but someone needs to build a tool that lets you create a ‘channel’, which is an aggregation of a bunch of Facebook pages and Twitter feeds into one easy to read page. It’s like a google reader, but just for facebook and twitter pages.

The use case for this is because I don’t want to be friends with all the bars and restaurants I often go to, but I would like to be able to go to a page and see what they’re all up to. Currently I do this by visiting their individual pages and seeing what the haps is. You can use Twitter lists for some of this, but about half the bars (Goldings for example) update their Facebook pages way more often than they update their Twitter feed.

My initial thoughts around this idea were based on the app Spindle, which was formed by some ex-microsofties and ran for about 2 years before they realised they weren’t going to get any traction and did an acquihire to Twitter. So, my initial thought was to replicate what they did, and hopefully hit the market at the right time, which I did as a prototype at, but after a few weeks I used it less and less, but upon doing a bit more thinking, I think you could totally make a service that showed you all the twitter and facebook feeds in your city on a map, also maybe a Pinterest-style jQuery masonry display, since most of the restaurants and cafes regularly post images of their specials or new dishes.

Anyway, that might be my Monday mission, to build out a better prototype of the ‘social media aggregator’ for your city. It’d be great to go to one page and be able to see what’s going on at Baobab, Death Ray, Monterey, Wayward, Bebemos and Peoples Coffee.