I’ve been daydreaming about what kind of art piece I could take to kiwiburn. Last year way my first kiwiburn so I didn’t take much apart from my lovely self and my acoustic guitar, but I did camp with Sam, who contributed towards a dance tent. What I’ve been thinking about taking, would be a motion activated mini rave. I’d grab the subwoofer and 4 channel amp out of the car, and hook it up so that two channels ran the sub, and the other two channels ran some home theatre speakers we have lying around.

I’d then hook up the whole setup to a 12 volt car battery and have the whole thing triggered off a motion sensor + arduino with a 12 volt relay. Then, hide the thing away in some dark corner of kiwiburn in the forest (towards the sound camp, but hopefully in some kind of nice grotto) and have a little PIR motion sensor that fires up the stereo, as well as a 12 volt led strobe light, for about 90 seconds, cranking out some Knife Party, or Nero or Far Too Loud. And then keep the music going for as long as people are still partying, up to a maximum of 5 minutes, then turn off so that people can wander away and then someone else can wander up and find the surprise disco.

I like this idea because it doesn’t involve towing a whole trailers worth of gear to the venue, doesn’t cost too much (the biggest expense is the sub and amp, and I could just chain them up to a tree), and might be a nice surprise for people exploring through the forest.