This is a pretty niche app, and I think it’d be hard to grow, and people probably wouldn’t like that it always runs in the background and uses your battery, but here’s the idea.

Background checkins

The app runs in the background all the time, and when it detects you are at a new location, it checks you in there. The check in isn’t shared with anyone, but it means that the server knows where you are.

Post messages to your location

Then, once you’re checked in somewhere, you can post a message to a ‘virtual messageboard’ that is your current location. You can only see this messageboard if you’re at the location, and you can only post if you are at the location as well.

Send notifications to people at your location

When a message is sent to the location messageboard, everyone who is checked in gets a google cloud messaging notification saying ‘xyz has posted a message’. You can then reply to the message, or write your own message onto the messageboard.

The “Big Daddy is super fresh!”

You could use this post messages about the quality of the beer, to complain about someone farting, or maybe write some comments about how killer the band is, or you could use it to message other people in your housing complex. Maybe if you could send stickers out to venues, whenever people start messaging each other there, saying ‘there’s a conversation about this place in a parallel universe, install the app to see what people are saying’


There’s been a million apps that allow location-based messaging, but none of them have taken off. I wonder if the fact that this isn’t location based messaging that visible to everyone, but instead a location-specific messageboard that you can only see when you’re there, I wonder if that’s enough of a difference to make this a goer?

Another android app to put on my backlog.