This is an idea that keeps percolating up from the back of my mind. I want to build something like twitter (public feeds, follow people, microblogging), except it supports full html. So you can tweet something and use fonts and colors and have links that do stuff. Obviously you’d need to sanitise the posts (and probably load them in an iframe as a datauri with no permissions), but I think it’d be fun to be able to post interactive content. You could post a little survey, or a game (maybe you could use something like amp and have a static view of the post, but when you click on it, it can open a sub-iframe and run some javascript). It’d be little tiny bits of the web, streamed to you in realtime.

It’d be even better if you had some kind of API so that the “tweets” could repost themselves (with your permission). For example, you might play an embedded game of tic/tac/toe, win the game, then post a message saying ‘yay I won! you have a go!’.

Also, it’d be great if you made all the content creative-commons by default, so that there was a ‘remix’ button on peoples tweets, so you could post a cool little design, and someone could say ‘hey that would look great in monochrome with roboto’, they could edit your post and then repost. It’d be like github.

I shall call it…


Hmmm… I wonder if that .com address is available.