I’ve been pushing a few new changes out for ZoomIn today. This is just a quick recap - but here’s what I’ve done.

New header

I redesigned the header to take up less space so that there’s more room for content on the page.

Redesign region pages

I redesigned the region pages to have a nicer display of suburbs and streets in that region, a better ad block (the old one wasn’t performing well), and a tag cloud of most popular tags. I’ve also removed all the ‘dots’ off the map, since some people found them obnoxious.

Redesign home page

I redesigned the home page to load faster, have less content splatted in your face, and to link to the explore pages.

Fixed up explore pages

These are the recent comments, photos, places pages. I’ve updated them all so that they render correctly and look good on the site. You can now quickly navigate through and see recent members or other content.